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Fashion tip : Skinny jeans for guys

There is a reason why they are called skinny, they are meant for skinny guys.

Somebody, a guy said skinnies look great on a certain type of guy. I agree because I think even for girls these jeans have a type. You see just because every Jane, Mary and Nakaweesi is wearing them doesn’t mean they are suitable for even Maureen, Sanyu and Musimenta. But that we will explore another day. Today is the skinny on guys.

What type is this that can pull off skinnies? Well, you will have to have watched either a few local music videos or been to a Kenzo live performance. You have probably seen that dancer with crazy hair and the skinniest of jeans, and the other one with not so crazy hair but also giving the other a run for his money in wearing skinny jeans.

That is one type and when I think about it probably the only type of boy to wear skinny jeans. The boy who can shave his hair and wear a tiny hat and look cool. The same guy who can rock a super low, super tight V neck and not look ridiculous. It is also probably the type that can afford to shave off one side of the head and leave a thriving afro on the other and you still turn and think cool when you see him. Simply put, skinny jeans favour the skinny guy who carries off trends as if they were made for him. Emphasis on the word, skinny!

They are not called skinnies because they couldn’t find any other name. They are that because they are best for skinny boys. They were meant to make spindly pins look cool, and if you see one hanging in a boutique, you will know that they were meant to keep away any guy who didn’t fall under the category of skinny guy.

The rest of you dudes who are not skinny but still want to wear something that fits like a second skin have to settle for tight jeans, sorry, no skinny jeans for you.
I do not think I have to go into details of what to wear skinnies with because if you are a skinny jeans type, you already know. On colours, however these skinny wearing boys play around with the colour wheel; they haven’t yet come up with something ghastly enough to warrant a rant. So I will wait until they do!

skinny Jeans

skinny Jeans

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