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Why do many of our local songs start with the artiste saying ‘yes’?

1.Aren’t there any other words other than ‘big ting’,’dema say’,’dem luv me’ and ‘gyal’ in
dancehall patois? And if there are why don’t our upcoming artistes learning them?

2. Why do many of our local songs start with the artiste saying ‘yes’? What, are they saying
“yes”to? And more importantly who asked whatever they are responding to?

3. And what’s with the obsession with some of our artistes trying to sound like Nigerian

artistes.Mbu “oga ooo, you de make me say”, in a song that has Luganda, seriously?

4.Mbu Nigerian music is riding high. So does that mean if Indian singers start hitting will our artistes will also find a way to incorporate some Gujarat in Lugaflow or whatever local music is called?

5.And what’s with almost every video having some guys just nodding their heads in the back ground?

6.Are they supposed to be tough guys or props, or body guards?

7.And what’s with these tough guys/ props and holding lighters staring into the camera. Is it
to scare people into liking the song, failure to which they will burn them?

8.Or it is Ugandan artistes’ idea of lighting in a video?

9.     Is it just me or is someone else wondering what Rabadaba is doing in Yung Mulo’s
Tebakusobola video?

10.Is he there to provide contrast in his yellow shirt? Or is he representing the ghost of
dancehall past?

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