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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Some people have nothing to do!

The heavy traffic jam in Kampala can be a turn off. You need to prepare your mind, body and soul before braving all the chaos. Thankfully, places like the National Theatre and Pioneer Mall parking yards sure do come in handy. I mean, one can just dump the ka ride there and pad around town, as they go about their errands. Such is the method that I usually use but on this interesting day, I experienced a startling encounter, hehe! As I walked back to the car, panting like I had just run the MTN marathon, an open roofed ride, blasting music like there is no tomorrow, caught my attention.

I mean, the noise was just so uncalled for, given the rather serene parking yard. After peeping, I realised it was the “vibrating star” Coco Finger. Ahem! Okay I was not amused at all, so I quickly turned and proceeded with putting my things into the car.
Now the most astonishing part is that even after parking, the loud beats kept playing prompting me to look back again, aghast, only to see the dude catching a drink, while nodding his head as if on a performance and after some cool 15 minutes, with the drink done, he finally drove  off.

Okay, for all the time, I was parking my stuff after the shopping, Coco Finger was in his car, blasting music and sipping on a ka drink, only to leave after?  Perhaps if he had made a phone call, and then driven off, I could have imagined that there was a change of plan so he left immediately, but none of the sort happened, implying, this dude probably drove in to pass sometime and then sped off!

Banaye, are people this idle of late? And well, if so, do they have to make it everybody’s problem, I mean pollute the environment with noise for all the 15 minutes and all? And what happened to all the hang out joints? Couldn’t Coco Finger, pop into one, and have his a drink with all the loud music in place?

Or better still; stay at home if indeed, he surely had no agenda?  These people have time to waste and fuel to burn, in the name of drawing attention and oba proving what? At the end of it, one’s life does not have to be any of our business and how I wish such a sort would cease to make it the opposite. If they have decided to drive around town, make bu mini stop overs and drink, then they might as well do it in a peaceful way as opposed to blasting music.

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