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Quick cv : Samuel Semakula

Samuel Semakula

Samuel Semakula

Operations Manager. Mase Consultants Ltd

It was a Toyota Starlet GT.

I currently drive a Toyota Noah. I come from a quite big family, so it helps me carry all of them.

That is a Mercedes Benz Kompresor.

I was an office messenger at Multlines International, a clearing and forwarding company.

I am the Operations Manager at Mase Consultants Ltd. We’re a marketing agency. I oversee the general running of the business. I’m also in charge of all operations for the annual My Kid is A Superstar festival.

got where i am by
Being patient, committed and having the desire to learn more.

My communication gadgets – a Samsung laptop and my phone; a Sony Ericson Xperia. It’s just an office that I can carry around in my pocket.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley.

Posho, rice, chicken stew, avacado and kachumbali.



Failure to delegate; I want to do everything myself.

My history, I come from a humble background. It inspires me to get better. The desire to be very informed and prominent inspires me too.

It’s not about how good you are but how good you want to be.”

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