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It shouldn’t have been Ragga Dee

When I listened to that Kasenyanku track for the first time, I noticed how that Ray guy boldly
played the copycat role on those Nigerian artistes Bracket’s song Me and You, I hahad some
Ugandans! The things we do to expose our lack of creativity and how lazy we can be is overwhelming. Oh! Well, these are upcoming artistes, so maybe we can try to relate to the desperate measures to make it, but what is Ragga Dee’s story and giving us a fake version of Mampi’s Swilili?

Eeeish! To say that I am disappointed in this guy is an understatement. To the best of my knowledge, Ragga Dee is one of those respected, veteran artistes on the Ugandan music scene. And on top of it all, his character is okay too, considering that he has hardly beefed with his fellow artistes. Plus a good number of his tracks are pretty interesting to listen and dance to.

Now why a man of such caliber would, choose to join the likes of Ray mbu Bigtym and malice Mampi’s track, beats my understanding. Did Ragga Dee even consider the fact that his fellow peeps from the music industry are trying so hard to have the copy right law effected and how it would help, if he led by example?

So given the ongoing news about Mampi’s supposed visit to Uganda, was Ragga Dee looking at this stunt as the best gift he could possibly offer to the babe? And above all, is he sure that

she will be proud of his version, given that the beats, and lines are quite similar?
I think it is about time some Ugandan artisets paid attention to the quality of music they
release, otherwise we are losing it at a fast rate. Sometimes I lose my head when I try to hang
out for a moment and hear all these tracks being played. I will not start mentioning one by
one but will instead stick to the core point here.

Yes, I am still disappointed in Ragga Dee. I believe he is in a better position to realise that we
should move forward and not backwards. If he enjoyed the air play accorded to Swilili then
perhaps we may not have minded him making it a part of his impromptu, hilarious rap sessions

while at the club but then, hitting the studio and recording a copied song as if it is his very
own track before sending it out to the hang out joints and radio stations to play and enjoy is
a bit irresponsible.

At the end of the day, one can only hope that he at least conducted some research and established if the copy right law in Zambia is still a work in progress as it is here in Uganda. I
also hope that he wore Mampi’s shoes for a minute or two, and thought about her reaction
upon hearing his very own version. Finally, I hope that Ragga Dee put every detail in place and concluded that he was setting the right pace and good example at effecting a practical copy right law in Uganda.  I rest my case.

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