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Fashion tip: There are things that we wouldn’t want to carry with us to the next 50 years.



Since Uganda@50 is the buzz word, I also decided to bite the bullet and do a Uganda @ 50 fashion. Nothing about the clothes that have dressed Ugandans for the past half a century (that horse is so flogged it is dead.) I intend to go the completely untrod way of things we should not carry over into the next  50 years.

Okay, maybe it has been trodden but I have to again  for the love of God, and country and of course fashion.  Gentlemen please , let us take this auspicious (yeah I know big words now) occasion of marking 50 years of independence to make sure the following do not cross into the next 50 years.

Kitenge shirts:
I know I am always harping on and on about Africa and everything African. But this is not to be confused with the totally cool African shirt. You know, the one made like a button down, to fit. This is the one made like a Kaunda suit, complete with lapels in the same fabric that makes those, again totally cool, African maxis.

Honestly if you are below 40 years and have no potbelly, do not hold public office (read politician) and it is not a national holiday, why are you wearing a kitenge? Honestly if you have trouble picking an African shirt here’s a tip: If it is made of fabric that can make a dress, ditch it, unless of course you are a Nigerian Oga and want to match your outfit with your mamma( insert Nigerian accent).

Flying shirts on gentleman trouser: This one almost has me pulling out my hair: Dudes making a casual outfit from dress pants by simply untucking usually oversize shirt. To make matters worse the clothes are often in the most hideous colours known to man and the pants resembling Congolese musicians (not you Fally Ipupa, your pants and clothes and everything are cool).
Here is the low down. We have actually progressed to the point where you can create a smart maybe even semi-formal look from casual clothes. The reverse, which is that thing you attempt, let’s just say the world is not yet ready for it. If you wear a shirt that is not a button down, keep it tucked in. If you have to do something unofficial then take a tip or two from Obama, roll up the sleeves, roll up your pants if you have to, just  keep the tails in!

Eau de he goat: Now no hard feelings guys. Oh wait actually hard feelings since this is a capital fashion offence. Actually I am sure it also violates some hygiene rules and a few bylaws, but I do not want to add to things KCCA has to demolish. So back to some guys tendency to give the He  goats competition at stinking up a place, I say please consider these who have to suffer it. Develop the culture of using some deodorant.

Spray it, roll it on , spritz it, bathe in it, I don’t care, just do it. I think a lot of people would agree it is better to use a cheap scent than to smell like a musk deer on heat. And all those excuses of allergy do not hold on any water, there are hypo allergenic products now and who said you must use it on your skin, spray it on your clothes!

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