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Fashion tip: Animal print

Animal print dress should be marched with plain accessories

Animal print dress should be marched with plain accessories

Animal print:  Wherever you choose to wear it, you should know you are making a  bold fashion statement.

Other prints come and go but animal print somehow survives, coming in different shapes and sizes, nowadays even colours but still the same animal print. I like to think animal print is the Kate Middleton of prints. Rich, Classy, cool, still easy on the eye, bold but not in your face and definitely what a lot of other prints want to be.

Yeah so I love animal print, if you know how to work it you would love it too. It is a trend that is easy to make work as long as you get down the basics. Here are a few to help you wear animal print right

1. Think Print versus plain: If the animalprint is on your accessory, then you should make sure you wear it with plain colours. If the animal print is on your clothing, like a dress shirt or pants then your accessories should be plain colours. However if the animal print on your outfit is very little, like a stripe, or a collar or even belt, and the rest is plain you can match it with the accessories keeping in mind that the animal print should then be exactly the same.

2. Play with colour: Do not limit yourself to black or the very popular red when accessorising your animal print. Other colours work too, like hot pink, if the animal print is black and white or greyish, and green for those with yellow or orange undertones, those with brown undertones may go with red or gold. As you experiment with different colours for animal print, remember that it does look best with jewel tones, and deep rich hues not pastels. Also because the print is already busy it is important that you coordinate your shoes and maybe handbag colours (have them in one colour) so that  your outfit is not too distracting.

1. You cannot and should not wear animal print on animal print. Say an animal print top and another animal print pants. Worse still if one is leopard print and another zebra. How you play with it matters.
2. Do not mix animal print with any other prints. No dots, stripes, flowers, whatever other print. It doesn’t matter how subtle.

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