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Date with a celeb: Rapper Gravity Omutujju meets fan Shadrack

Rapper Gravity Omutujju (right) shares a light moment with his fan Shadrack. Photo By Abubaker Lubowa

Rapper Gravity Omutujju (right) shares a light moment with his fan Shadrack. Photo By Abubaker Lubowa

(During their day out, Lugaflow singer Gravity Omutujju told his fan about his life events before his celebrity acclaim)

What’s up boss?
I’m steady. You?

I’m okay, nice to finally get to meet you! What tribe are you?
I’m a Munyole, from the East.

Who inspired you to join music?
I started singing seriously in 2009, GNL was my role model then, I even told him. Locally, I liked GNL Zamba, because of the way he rhymed but now I’m doing well myself. I have hit songs. Internationally, I used to admire the Game a lot though he doesn’t sound good these days

Why do you call yourself Gravity?
It started a longtime back in high school. We had a crew of four and one day, we decided to give each other names; I was given “Gravity”, some other guy was “Acceleration” and there was one called “Velocity.” We were the bad boys of Old Kampala SSS. In school I wasn’t too much of a music fanatic but rather loved football. Then I noticed GNL doing something the kind of music I knew I could do. It wasn’t long before I started writing myself songs well, here I am now. 

Which artistes are you planning to work with?
Everyone I ever hoped to work with, I have, two collabos coming soon; Beera Naabo with David Lutalo and a Redo of Claire with Ronald Mayinja. The audio will be out a few days from now.

How challenging is the game?
The only challenge is with the Babylons (read back-stabbers) who use their elbows to make sure we don’t get past them, they block all channels that we would have used to enhance our careers. There are so many chaps in the ghetto that know how to drop rhymes but the system is too corrupt for them to penetrate smoothly.

How do you it? How do you make hit songs?
Praying my friend, prayer. I’m not the best in Uganda obviously.
But if you can raise from the dust in the ghetto and get to a point where people can recognise you have to lift the Lord’s name higher.

I heard you joined Big Talent!
Yes, I was looking for a crew that would definitely keep my image and promote my music. I didn’t want one where I had to help someone fight his wars, I didn’t want to join troubled crews. And by the time I joined Big Talent, I was popular so they needed me as much as I needed them. However, when a child grows up they are bound to start their own families.

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