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Date with a celeb: Hellen Lukoma meets fan, Robert Kiiza Omuganda

Robert and Hellen during their meeting. Photo By Jonathan Kabugo

Robert and Hellen during their meeting. Photo By Jonathan Kabugo

(Hellen aka Patra of the Hostel series met Omuganda Kiiza at Virgin Island Bugolobi, and shared The Hostel, season III insights the entire afternoon)

Hello, I’m Robert Kiiza.
Nice to meet you

How was your day?
It was hectic, I woke up and went to shoot The Hostel in Luzira. That’s where our set is. We have like a huge house where we shoot from. What do you do?

I’m a student at Mubs. I am doing travel and tourism.
I was also a student at Mubs. I graduated last year with a Bachelors in International Business.

What should we expect of Patra, your Hostel character in season III?
First of all, right now we are shooting in HD, that’s the best part but uh, Patra is growing as a character. Of course I am a queen bee, my dad is rich, I am spoilt, I like fashion so much, although this time I am a little bit comic, but I have improved of course.

And Hope?
Hope is my sister, but she doesn’t actually like me that much and we don’t talk that much. She’s coping up with the fact that we share a dad but we don’t live in the same room anymore. I am dating Gilo, we are friends with benefits. You won’t believe me and Jessica are enemies now, it’s a bloody war because I took Gilo. The story evolves day by day, it’s the daily life of campusers; the gossip, the back-stabbing, the feelings, everything in campusers’ daily lives.

How did you get a character in the series?
They called me up, I auditioned and luckily enough I was their Patra or maybe I just possessed the characters they were looking for.

What of Annet and Soba?
Annet is back, last season she was working on something but she’s back now. Soba, umm not really, but we are going ahead, though you’ll miss him. The custodian now is Alma, he was my sugar daddy and he is my uncle now. He’s very interesting, very talented.

What is Hostel for you now? A job?
First of all, it’s a hobby. I love acting, second a job because you sign someone’s contract and you have to deliver.

How do you cope with life after Obsessions? Do you go back seeking support?
I don’t go back seeking support, but I am lovely and doing so well, my life is okay. I wish them the best, the fact that my timetable is busy, we don’t really get to interact. I’m also busy with my new venture, The House of Lukoma, we do makeup for wedding and events.

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