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Zari opens mens’ store



We are yet to establish if socialite Zari Hussein actually broke up with her fiancé Ivan Ssemwanga. Some speculators have actually been spreading rumours that Zari’s latest investments are a clear indicator that the former singer is starting a new and single life.

But we are yet to hear from Zari herself. For now, Zari has good news for all her male fans. The socialite recently opened up men’s wear shop at Garden City. Zari named her latest investment The Renaissance Man Store and it is located just next to the jewellery shop that she opened up a few months back.

During the official opening of the store last week, Zari told guests that she imports the urban men’s shirts, suits, ties and T-shirts from Turkey and Italy. “Trousers and other stunning collections will be introduced in the near future,” Zari told her guests.
Go Zari

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