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Kirumira asks for God’s mercy

After spending a heck of his time making a lot of money and making a horde of friends, both which come with some unnecessary attention,

tycoon Godfrey Kirumira


is now after a new companion – Jesus Christ that is.

We grabbed the tycoon asking for God’s blessing at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Biriba Bitya concert at Hotel Equatorial over the weekend – just as this picture suggests, and it seems even his wife is in the same boat.

Recently, police quizzed Godfrey Kirumira about the diversion of Shs190m that was wired from Kiruhura District intended to end up in the consolidated account in Bank of Uganda but instead was traced to Kirumira’s Bank of Baroda account.
After a tense quizzing at the CID headquarters that left him unconscious for minutes, Kirumira took an undertaking and even paid back the Shs190m but he still faces fraud charges.

While being prayed for, you could clearly see that Kirumira wanted a super prayer from the singing pastor.

Perhaps his move was triggered by the lyrics in the song Biriba Bitya which provokes you to reflect on what will prevail at the gates of heaven on the Day of Judgment.

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