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Esther Nabaasa has said that she is happy with her Jubilee Song project and that she is bracing herself for what is expected to be Uganda’s biggest celebration over the years. After being selected to write and sing the Jubilee Song (Yoga Yoga) Nabaasa has been telling friends that this could prove to be the biggest moment in her music career.

However, her optimism has collided with romours that she is beefing with the project’s coordinator, Richard Kawesa. Word has swept town that Nabaasa was unhappy with Kaweesa for running away with all the credit yet there are a number of artistes whose creative contribution to the project was vital. The Tusker Project Fame winner wrote and sang on the song which also features Barbara Kayaga, Richie, Ham K and Kawesa. Meanwhile, Nabaasa also did another independence jubilee celebratory song commissioned by Nile Breweries titled Sip of the Nile.

The Nile song was also coordinated by Kawesa and both songs were produced by Nabaasa’s hubby Michael Mugisha. Well, that is the story we knew until rumours came in that Nabaasa and Kawesa were fighting for the song. And Kawesa helped the rumour mill move faster by posting on his Facebook: “When a thief steals from you and then invites you to come to a public function to witness his ownership claim of what he stole from you; and you actually turn up and say nothing, then I consider you hopeless.”

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