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Ride: Toyota Run X

Toyota Run X

Toyota Run X

The Toyota Run X is a hatch back series that replaced the Toyota FX. Some users have described it as the best value for money car in its segment and a very nice car if you are a simple person.

The Run X may not have the same status as the Golf or Ford Focus, but it offers more in value for money. Going for about Shs14m in the car bonded warehouses in Kampala, this Japanese baby is cheaper than its German counterparts. However, the boot is smaller than other cars in the same class.

The car is quite good-looking from the outside. However, looks can be deceptive. The car is not very good looking on the inside, and the ride is not very smooth in addition to being very loud. With its 1.6 litre engine, it is a car to drive for those who take fuel efficiency as a priority. There are other variants that come with a smaller 1.4 litre engines.

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