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The dvd : Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

By trying to be original and may be basic too, the director came up with a plot that lacks highly on intellect and turns out to be utterly lame. This flick is an insult to all bank robbery movies like Fast and Furious, Takers, The Town and others in this category whose directors go out of their way to show how much work needs to be put into pulling off such a robbery. This one is so plain, it makes you want to cry. It is unrealistic. Unlike in the above mentioned movies where the bad guys are made likeable, these are so dumb, you want police to catch them already.

Fictious movies shouldn’t be basic. Its story line is about an unlikely gang of robbers Lucky (Vas Blackwood), Matty (Leo Gregory), Terry (Johnny Harris) and Chubby (Paul Nicholls), that decide to use the World Cup chaos to carry out their ambitious plan to rob. And with robberies, the robbers either turn out to be very stupid or clever. These ones are surprising. This is a movie you watch to the end just so your list of watched DVDs increases.

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