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Buddies bar back to original management

Ntinda party animals please stand up and welcome this good news. Former TV host David Kazoora aka JK and Dr Muwonge recently revised their move and reclaimed management rights of their Buddies Bar in Ntinda.

A few months ago, the two businessmen had disagreements on the running of the business and decided to rent out the facility to someone else to manage and run it. JK concentrated on his Buddies Production while Dr Muwonge concentrated on several other businesses. However, after several pleas from close allies, the two businessmen came to an understanding and decided to revamp their business which was going down.

As you read this, Buddies Bar is going through a serious make over. We bumped into JK in one of the hangouts in the city and he told us that construction are going on before a whole new Buddies Bar and Club opens up next month.

“We are working towards getting an upmarket bar and club. We are also going to ensure we do the best soundproofing so that we don’t have noise pollution complaints that we had before,” JK told us!

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