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The track: Ndayira – Sweet Kid

Sweet Kid

Sweet Kid

It could perhaps occur to you as somewhat saddening, as it does to me, that in the past five or so years, since the days of songs like Sirikyusa and Kankutwale, the conveyor belt of songs from Mr Sweet Kid has slowed down in some sort of traffic jam, just occasionally coughing up into life with a song here and there.

This slowdown has allowed other musicians to rise out of nothing and take the places on the radio waves and dance floors that he deserved to occupy, leaving him lurking in the mist like he is obscure.

This kind of punishment that he has dealt us, where you have to think hard before you can precisely pinpoint the last time you heard a Sweet Kid song, should end. But whenever he has managed to surprise us, it has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. In fact, these surprises seem to have started picking up their pace of late.

Sweet Kid is big on crafting harmonious melodies on his choruses, a feature that once again stands out on the song Ndayira, whenever he repeats the “yani” part of his chorus, and, on the echoing adlibs that are cluttered along the homestretch. And that is what makes this a fine song, up there with the classic Sweet Kid that we have grown accustomed to missing.

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