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Bebe Cool starts ‘world tour’

Bebe Cool has been off the scene since he returned from USA with his wife Zuena Kirema and their new baby. The singer told us he has been trying to spend some time with his wife and baby.

However duty called and Bebe had to report for duty. But the singer will still be off the local scene for sometime. Bebe is set to perform in a number of countries while on his “world tour” that kicks off this weekend in Canada. Bebe will perform at the Vancouver Canada Convention, and then he will head to Ottawa and Toronto on July 14 and 15 respectively.

The singer will then head to Frankfurt Germany, then Amsterdam, The Netherlands before heading for the UNAA Convention in USA. Bebe is also expected to perform in UK, Sweden, Denmark, China and Japan among others. The singer is also expected to hold an album launch as soon as he returns from the tour!

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