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Fashion Tip: It’s time for African fashion

Have you seen how the Coke ad portrays Africa as the Promised Land? It shows the billion reasons to believe in Africa and right at the top of those reasons is African fashion.

Fashion forward people like I do not need to be told another word, they will just rush to get themselves an African inspired outfit. For the rest who take longer to get convinced, here are a few points we should believe in African fashion.

The variety: From the fabric originating from different parts of Africa, to the styles unique to each region on the continent, there is enough to suit every taste. If you like making an entrance or bright colours or even simple with just a few African accents, there’s something for you from somewhere in Africa. The fabrics include but are not limited to bark cloth, wax batik, kitengi, kente and embroidered cotton.

It has really evolved: Yes it has. African wear is no longer just shapeless flowing shirts for men and amorphous floor length dresses for the ladies. African fabric has been combined with almost every other fabric like jeans and polyester for a delightfully modern look .What’s more, you can have African anything, from jumpsuit to mini. There are even magnificent African inspired wedding dresses. The colours and themes are plenty and up to date. Simply put, it is up to you to update it to your style. Now that is what we call free style.

It can go everywhere: Okay almost everywhere. From work on Friday, to a party, the beach, to the goat race, and even a world leader’s summit as several African leaders have shown us.

You get it tailored to fit: In the fashion world, personally tailored clothing means you are going to pay an arm and a leg. In Africa, we still have tailors who fortunately don’t demand all your life’s savings. Even fashion houses within the country are comparatively affordable, an advantage we have to make use of. A tailored outfit is made to fit, that is hoping you have a good tailor unlike imported styles which come readymade with American and European sizes.

It is African for Africans: The prints, colours and style say a lot about looking good on an African skin and physique, and really we should at least explore the trend before writing it off.

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