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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Date with a celeb: Tinah Immy meets designer/singer Brenda Nambi

Brenda and Tinah pose for a photo. Photo by Jonathan Kabugo.

Brenda met Tinah, a fan and an upcoming model at Virgin Island. They had a fun filled afternoon.

Oh my God, I’m so excited.
I’m also glad I’m here.

I believe you are very busy, thanks for coming.
I’m travelling a lot, I have just done an interview at UBC, I’m heading into another meeting. But anytime for my fans, yeah I’ll get time. It’s my pleasure.

At what age did you start doing fashion?
I don’t even know when I started (giggles). It just keeps coming but professionally, about four years ago. Before that, it was a hobby. I would make clothes for myself and costumes for Obsessions and later HB Toxic.

Okay, you know I Google you, I follow you, even on Facebook … I ’m not a stalker though.
You are such a cute stalker, so where do you stay?

I stay in Entebbe. You should come there sometime, I’ll take you to the cruising club … it’s very posh. When are you free?
I’m never free but I’ll come. But you can pay me a visit at my place this Saturday.

How old are you right now?
Oh my God … saying I am 18 or 20 is much safer, but I am actually 27. However, I like to believe I am 26 because everyone who meets me thinks I’m 23 and I don’t know why! But I’m 27 and I admit that painfully.

I love the honesty, you don’t know how many 27-year-olds have barely anything to show for their age. At what age did you join Obsessions?
I have something to show for my age. I do a lot of charity, I’m a motivational speaker. I go to schools with Future Hands (an organisation), to remind girls that at any age they can do anything or be anyone. I joined obsessions when I was 15 or 16.

So how is music going?
I’m planning a tour around Uganda. I’m also planning a listening party where everyone will listen to my music. It’s organised by Ally Alibhai of Talent Africa.

Is it true you are dating Ally?
Mmhmm, well … no. He is a very good friend, business partner and my best friend. Whenever you see a fashion show, he’s the dude always behind everything. We work together, Bambi Fashion and Talent Africa.

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