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Connies’ Tiffs: Tissue issues

You know how a new place opens up and you so want to be there at all costs? But then, it gets really busy that your tight schedule robs you of the time to get there, until a free afternoon comes up and you have to hit this spot.

Yep! That is how I initially felt when I heard about this fully fledged sports bar that was opened up along the Northern By-pass a few months ago, just on the same building as that really huge shopping mall.

The place looks kawa and has all the ability to get one into the sports mood that they can even complete a soccer match without complaining. The lovely pics along the walk way, the cosy ambience, lovely décor and innovations like the wall of fame attach that exhilarating and warm touch. Except for the loud sound system complete with echoes that is guaranteed to give you a headache the next day!

Everything seemed okay until I saw the choice of coloured toilet tissue in the washrooms! Seriously, who still uses rough, coloured toilet tissue anymore? To be honest, I froze at first sight, and kept thinking, there was something better elsewhere but such was not the case!

Then I thought aghast, why would someone want to ruin such a cool ambience with material as tacky as coloured toilet tissue? In this century? Gosh!

And please do not give me that line of “it serves the same purpose”, so chill, because I am not taking it! Much as I may appreciate the attempt at keeping it original, I find it pretty awkward that one would choose to have such local items, as the perfect icing on the cake, jeez!

Not even a three-year-old would look at that tissue and recognise it let alone establish its purpose without having a hard time at the task. Hence whoever gave these guys the idea to opt for such items beats my understanding.

Without a doubt, this ka move startled me and I do not have a better way to put it than to say, I was embarrassed on their behalf. I imagined the number of people that visited this place only to be shocked by the sight of coloured tissue!

Eh! The owners of this place need to style up. For the record, white soft tissue can exude elegance as well as a clean and neat environment as opposed to those local things that just kill all the oomph in this place.

At the end of the day, if one is going to invest in good décor, furniture and space, then they should ensure that they take it down to even the seemingly trifle things, like toilet tissue for example eeish!

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