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I am a twitter addict – Amama Mbabazi

Hey, Twitter peeps. We know you already know that Rwandan President Paul Kagame is the most regular social networking politician in the world but maybe now you also want to know which Ugandan politician has been tweeting more than the rest.

Well, step forward Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi; fellow tweeters want to know a thing or two about your love for the social network.

Since the “super minister” is busy we shall come in and simply resonate what he said to us last week.

It was during the launch of the Uganda Wildlife Authority website portal at Kampala Serena Hotel when Mr Mbabazi, who was the chief guest, admitted being addicted to twitter and asked Ugandans to use different social networks to promote the “beautiful” motherland.

“As most of you know by now, I am a very active tweeter, which has helped me to reach an audience that would otherwise have been impossible to reach with the conventional media,” said Mbabazi as a justification for his regular twitting.

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