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Ugandan Babes and ‘forcing’ Life

1.But our Ugandan babes can “force life” Mbu also them they were watching last week’s Champions League finals! I hear… “Agnes what team are you supporting!” and Agnes would go…. “I’m supporting the red team!” Now what the hell does “supporting the red team” actually mean?

2.Our babes, when you find them in the bar, they like to show that they are also corporate. So when you ask her for her name she goes like “I’m Patricia the Client Relationship Manager of Orient Bank!” Who bloody cares whether you are the Client relationship whatever? And what does client relationship mean? Does it mean that we can have babies since I am a client of the bank!?

3.When you try to vibe our babes, they always go like, “Me I’m not like all the other bu chicks you meet! Me I’m different!” Kumbe they are all the same… if you have a nice car and a fancy job title like “Project coordinator of the water sanitation project of Mawokota,” then you will definitely be making babies in one week!

4.Our babes are funny! Ask them what their names are and they tell you, “Patience but you can call me Pathy!” Pathy? How about if I called you crazy and in need of a quick brain scan for calling yourself simanya… Pathy!”?

5.Our babes… you tell them that the boyfriend they are dating is a serial cheater who is going to cheat on them soon and what do these babes do? “Honey your friend Kalumba said you are about to cheat on me and that you are such a cheat…is it true sweetie!” Chick are for realllllllllllllll!?

6.Our babes … you tell them not to buy a car because they can’t afford it at the moment and the next thing you hear is “Kyoka Kalumba you were right! My car has eaten all my money, do you have like 10k so that I can put in petrol, I will pay you!” Nonsense!

7.Our babes… which human being would derive fun from watching a soap done and spoken in Spanish but translated in funny English and has weird titles like Don’t mess with an Angel!

8.Our babes… mbu women emancipation! If you are emancipated please can you pay the rent, food, service the car, clear the electricity and water bills and please, please, please stop asking me for money to work on your bloody weave?

9.Our babes… what the hell is a hairstyle called Beyonce? Imagine the singer Beyonce going to Mutasa Kafeero Plaza and finding hairstyles named after her being donned on by one Jacinta Nabukeera!!

10. Our babes … they drink and eat all your money then when you ask for some they go like “but I don’t love you!” then why did you eat and drink my money you foolllllllllllllll?

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