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The track: Feeling – Henry Tigan

Henry Tigan

Whichever musical wilderness Mr Henry Tigan has been hibernating in of late has surely not been of much help, if the sound of this new reggae song is anything to go by. After going quiet for long, one is supposed to bounce back with something spectacular. That is it; they are supposed to bounce back, not walk back.

But Henry Tigan’s Feeling, is simply an ordinary not-bad reggae song. It does not hit you with a bang. One minute you are listening to it and the next minute it is done. And that is that. It does not stick around in your head to infect your brains senseless with its tunes. And that is not very good. You would expect him to hit you the way he did with a song like Lwaki Oninza, Waddawa and Abogezi?

And yet, yes, it is not a bad song. It has the usual Henry Tigan chants at the beginning, a harmonious tune for the chorus, and a reggae bit that is a bit up-tempo and almost passes for ragga, leaving you confused as to whether you should jump up and groove or sway along calmly. It is a love song where he goes on and on singing about a girl, whose love he cannot resist, a bit of an everyday song really.

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