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Hustler: Paul Katende

Katende at Moon Studio. Photo by Jonathan Kabugo

What exactly do you do?
I’m a photographer and video editor at Moon Studio and an accountant of Moon Creations company. Moon Studio is a partnership under Moon Creations, we deal in photography, graphics design and events.

You’re trained in both fields?
I completed business studies last year, had majored in accounting at IUIU. For photography, I attended classes but wasn’t issued a certificate and editing is something I’ve learnt with lots of patience.

For how long has Moon Studio existed?
For over two years now and the creativity just keeps getting better in terms of the setting, postures and ambience.

What kind of people are you’re target market?
Everyone and that includes families, campusers, models, events and even celebrities. We’ve taken pictures of Navio, Susan Naava, Patricko Mujuuka, Gift of Kkado and others.

How are the charges? Do you get clients?
Charges vary with size and the kind of presentation someone wants. But album sizes are Shs2,500 with a wallet size. We get over 20 clients on average. We are always busy…so busy, in fact, even when no one comes to take new snaps, we always get those paying off debts.

What challenges do you face as a photographer?
Though I keep it professional, ladies are difficult to deal with.

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