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I saw Ivan beat Zari – Ochola



Following tabloid reports that socialite Susan Ochola fought with Zari in the Club Silk toilets last weekend, the socialite called us and gave us her side of the story.

The outspoken Ochola told us that she had seen tycoon Ivan Semwanga beat up his fiancé Zari. “I’m not friends with her (Zari) but I was so touched. He entered the ladies and slapped her like a baby. She couldn’t respond because Ivan had security,” Susan narrated.

The socialite told us that she tried to stop him from beating up Zari; “but instead Ivan ordered his bouncers to throw me out. Even the Club Silk security was on his side.”

Ochola told us that she was shocked that the story had changed in the papers but she advised Zari to come out and tell the world the truth. “She is very beautiful, she can’t be tortured in silence! It’s awkward to be beaten in the washrooms of a happening place!”

We were in Club Silk the night Zari and Ivan were rumoured to have fought, we cannot confirm that they fought but we saw Ivan in the ladies toilets and security didn’t let anyone access the toilets for several minutes!

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