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FASHION TIP: Tailored Blazer

Girls rocking blazers

Girls rocking blazers

Tailored Blazer: Months back it was unthinkable to clad in a tailored blazer. In fact, wearing one put you at a risk of being branded old fashioned. But now the tailored blazers are trending.

Every fashion trend has its moment. This period, items trending seem to be those that a few months back would never have been considered fashionable. Think colour blocking previously known as colour clashing, or the blazer. Until a few months ago you wore a blazer with pants to make up a suit. You didn’t think fashion when wearing it, and many times combining it with other clothes could have been termed as a fashion faux pas.

Now, wearing a blazer as a stylish fashion choice is on the rage. Double breast, single breast, with fitted sleeves, with raised sleeves, with full sleeve and three quarter sleeves, all the blazer styles are represented. The only thing these blazers are not is boxy and androgynous hence the name tailored. In fact, the trend is to get one that looks as vintage as possible, with fitted arms, cinched in waist and length no shorter than the hip line.

To have or not to have shoulder pads is a personal choice as is the choice of colours though neutral colours are most versatile. Shoulder pads give your shoulders definition and balance out your shape so are a great choice for those who are bottom heavy and small on top.

Ideas on how to wear it
Wear it open with jeans for a semi casual look. You can also wear a double breasted blazer with brightly coloured slacks for a feel of retro chic. You can even wear it with shorts, tailored shorts that is.

Most importantly the blazer helps you stay stylish in the current chameleon weather. Layer a blazer with a stylish top, when it’s cooled and unbutton it or take it off when it gets warmer.

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