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Just as the jumpsuits made an exit, rompers made an entrance on the fashion scene. Now, it is one casual trend you will want to try out. But the most important thing is – can everyone wear a romper?

I think, the answer to that is pretty simple, yes everyone can because it is just a matter of buying one and trying it on. The more important question though is, “are rompers which are the short jumpsuits suitable for any body type?”

The romper has slowly crept into the fashion trend hot on the heels of the return of the jumpsuit and it makes sense. One is just the shorter version of the other and everyone knows that is how fashion goes. The trends get shorter with every new design.

The romper is available in different colours and styles, from chic floral pieces to those in denim.
With short sleeves or strapless, you can wear a romper with wedges, or ballet flats, or a pair of nice sandals for casual events. Or wear a plain colour romper with sleek heels for a sophisticated but not formal evening look.

However, it is a little difficult to pull off a romper for a formal event. The romper is best suited for a day shopping, coffee date with the girls, informal dinner, basically anywhere where the focus is more on having a good time.

Now ,here is the kicker. The romper looks best on particular body types. Slim girls with just a little curve below the waist pull it off best.
Those with Kim Kardashian figures and anything over that, not so much. But, its fashion, not the law, you can always give it a try even if it is in the privacy of your bedroom and see.
Besides there are ways to get around some of the physical restrictions. Like if you do not have a washboard stomach but have long slim legs and a bit of derriere, get a drop waist romper, the top part works magic disguising the tummy and you still look good.

If you are short and curvy, you can get one with a cinched in waist and make sure it does not fit too snugly.

Pair it with wedges to make your legs longer and do not layer it with things like jackets that might add bulk and it  just might  work for you.

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