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FASHION TIP: Please don’t let this trend come back

It’s no longr stylish to show thongs. Covering up is the way to go.

It’s no longr stylish to show thongs. Covering up is the way to go.

In early 2000, it was in vogue for women to display their thongs, but even celebrities who were popular for this trend like Britney Spears and JLo must be cringing whenever pictures of them displaying thongs surface.

I saw some cool young people at the club. But of course that’s like saying I saw grass in the field, it is always there and so are cool young people in happening places.

But what caught my eye was this chick in a low rise hipsters jeans   and something that couldn’t qualify for a top. They looked more like criss crossing straps. But that is not shocking at all; criss crossing straps for tops at the club are quite common actually and no longer raise an eyebrow. The shocker was how the said chick had pulled her thong to rise over her jeans such that the underwear was forming a Y shape over her waist band.

Now I know this might not necessarily mean this horrendous trend is coming back, it could even be that this girl was one of those so backward in fashion matters that they are still somewhere in early 2000. Still, seeing one person with the guts to dress like that in public is scary enough. Others will see her and think it is the in thing, and before long it actually becomes a trend. I don’t think the world can handle it one more time; it was already a mistake the first time it came up and even if famous stars like J Lo and Britney rocked the look in posters, I am pretty sure they would cringe with embarrassment at those very pictures today.

Need I mention that there’s a reason thongs are sold under the underwear section? Should I explain exactly what underwear means? It is not classy or smart, and frankly the only thing it screams is tacky. It is just as well that a good number of us were either too young or too scared to try it. It is the most uncool trends ever. Experiment with fashion as much as you want, just please spare us the sight of a thong hanging over a waistband like some sort of accessory.

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