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Imagine Pastor Kayanja having a talk with Mike Tyson

1. Hello students! “Hello teacher!” Today, we are going to play a game of imagination.  Okay students? Yesss teacherrrrr!

2. Imagine Keisha Cole on stage singing a duet with Weasel entitled… Sent from Heaven? Mbu Keisha Cole would slap Weasel off stage!? Please kids behave…

3. Imagine Pastor Kayanja having a talk with Mike Tyson with Kayanja lecturing Tyson about the need to sow a seed… mbu Tyson would upper-cut the pastor in a second! Naye kids please behave!

4. Imagine Amama Mbabazi in jeans and a baseball cap on stage with LL Cool J! Kids please respect your elders, okay?

5. Imagine Mama Fiina singing Bino Birowozzo with Pastor Ssempa! Can I hear an amennnnn?

6. Imagine Chameleone singing for Sean Paul…Valu…Valu…? Mbu Sean Paul would first cry tears…then slaughter him afterwards!

7. Imagine Navio on stage doing a duet with Jay-Z! Mbu after the duet, newspapers in Uganda would be running adverts about Navio that go…. “Missing person, last seen in the ghettos of Brooklyn being harassed by Jay-Z’s crew for impersonating a rapper!”

8. Imagine Producer Washington in studio with Timberland! Now imagine Producer Washington playing for Timberland his production entitled… Sweeter than kukuuuu by Goodlyfe Crew?

9. Imagine Blu3 with Sarah Zawedde as one of the band members! Please kids stop making me laugh…

10. Imagine Kiiza Besigye on stage singing for Kale Kayihura a song entitled… Lwaki tomatila…

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