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Connie’s Tiffs: Where are Uganda’s TPF winners?

Davis Ntare, a Tusker Project Fame winner has nothing much to show for it

Davis Ntare, a Tusker Project Fame winner has nothing much to show for it

American Idol, Pop Idol, Project Fame, Coca-Cola Pop Stars eeish the list is endless when it comes to seeking music talent all over the world. And each time such happens; I cannot help but imagine how special it is for one to possess talent that makes brains all over the world think of how to present them with a platform to earn a living, fame, recognition, huh?

And they never cease to keep happening. The “Tusker Project Fame” (TPF) for example, is one good annual project that has happened consistently. Yes, over the years we have had to sit, watch, vote and eventually ululate as we embrace the eventual winner, right?

It is amazing to witness organisers and sponsors ensuring such an opportunity is availed to talented people. The many that intend to show up for auditions and either make us laugh or cry as they give a go at the walk of fame in TPF season 5!

Do they ever realise let alone appreciate the effort made by these guys? Do they ever understand how time consuming it can be for a fan to vote, tune in as they watch and follow through all the steps? And then, do they also ever envision a plan and how to handle the prize supposing they win at the end of it all?

To be honest, I do not think they ever take the time to do all this which is quite disappointing. Yes, it is because by the time one emerges the winner, it simply implies that they have all that it takes to sustain a career. So why don’t they ever grab the bull by the horns and ensure that they keep the fans entertained even after they walk off /out of the Tusker Project Fame academy?

For example, if you asked me where Esther Nabaasa is right now, I would have no answer. In fact chances are that I might not even give you a clear reaction as to who she is, right? Alpha from Rwanda has at least tried to utilise this platform by releasing a few numbers here and there but again he can do more! Then, let us bring it down to Davis Ntare! Me’hnn, I had so much hope in this dude as far as good music is concerned and he had better be working on something because if he insists on keeping quiet, getting lost like that, we shall forget who he is sooner than later which is not a cool thing if you asked me.

My point? It is not every day that somebody wakes up to give another an opportunity to make a name. And when that happens, it should not be taken for granted. These previous winners, participants in this project should be ambassadors and living testimonies to this good will by utilising this chance to shine even brighter. I am certain that when one listens to some of the stories by some of the successful artistes around, they will realise how tough it can be to earn recognition from the public, producers and eventually make a name, musically as far as the entertainment scene is concerned. So when another gets things done as if on a silver plate and they choose to sleep on it after, I think it becomes quite disappointing.

I know many are probably bracing themselves for the auditions on the 14th and 15th this month as the public also awaits for who will enter the academy on the June 2 but while at it, can they also try to imagine the life after, in case they emerge winners on the July 29? I mean have a concrete plan that can sustain the attained fame and recognition.

In the meantime can the above mentioned three also do some work to prove that these Tusker peeps, the public, organisers within and out of the academy have not sown seeds on barren land banaye?

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