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There is nothing that beats an artiste who is their own number one fan; just ask Zari. Of course, Zari knows the pain she inflicts on the musical world but she keeps singing and her persistence can only be described as an art itself.

Not that her lyrics are imbecilic but if you ate a bunch of bananas and cold water you could shout out more intelligent and sweeter lyrics to a more pleasing tune. Though what she lacks in voice she makes up for in the looks and there are no prizes for guessing how she looks in the videos. She looks stunning in her new video Toloba. The make-up is perfect; the lighting is fine and choreography passes too.

The video starts with a group of people standing in a club and chatting. Then Zari strolls down the stairs and as soon as they see her, everyone screams on top of their voice welcoming the star.

She gives them high-five as the tune wades in to launch a party mood. The video alternates between shots of dancers and shots of Zari in the club. But my eyes were more glued on Zari (at least I saw something positive). Basically, the only thing to kulobesa you in Toloba video is Zari’s body!

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