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THE TRACK: Hotter than them – Zari



There is pride, a haughty attitude shown by somebody who believes, often unjustifiably, that he or she is better than others. (I am sweeter than them).
There is arrogance, a state of feeling or showing self-importance and contempt for others. (Zari wabwe, the big money spender).

There is egotism, the possession of an exaggerated sense of self-importance and superiority to other people. It includes a preoccupation about oneself, the tendency to speak or write (or in this case, sing) too much about yourself. (Ndi kyuma kya mu Dutch – I am a Dutch product).
There is self-centeredness, tending to concentrate selfishly on your own needs and affairs and to show little or no interest in those of others. (Mbakuba nga masanyalaze – I hit them like electricity).

And that is Hotter Than Them, one of Zari’s latest songs, for you. Zari lives up to every little tiny bit of the reputation she has fought tooth and nail to build over the years, as that spoiled little child who cannot stop showing her toy cars and Barbie dolls to other children in the neighbourhood. And as for the music in the song, well, you immediately sense after the song begins that the music is not the main point here. The rhetoric about her riches is.
And in times like these, we have such a great weakness for modesty, we find it hard not to detest such pomposity.

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