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THE MUSIC VIDEO: Danger – lillian mbabazi

Lillian Mbabazi

Lillian Mbabazi

The song is written by Mowzey Radio and for a second let’s imagine him singing it; wouldn’t it be too ballistic a track? Oh yes! But did Lillian do justice to the track? According to Mya, she doesn’t think so? Now does anyone take what Mya says seriously? The answer is nooooooo!

Lillian did a pretty good job on the track. “I’m in danger…danger…danger…dear baby I wanted to know if you’re fine … kubaga nze sili fine…” Yep, that is the lyrical content of our Danger track! Now imagine such a song being sang by Keri Hilson…mbu… “Kubanga nze sili fine…”

The video was shot by Frank Jah, and like most Mbabazi’s videos it was good on colour and the camera angles were good too. However, the storyline is lame. The song is about this girl who feels a guy but the video doesn’t exactly show that. What we have is Lillian crying away… “I’m in danger…danger…danger,” and then we have some scenes of a dude in a Land Rover Discovery and that is it!

By the way Lillian, what “danger” are you in? Couldn’t it be the thought of Blu3 reuniting meaning no more solo gigs for you? You are in danger…danger…danger!

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