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Ndagire undressed at concert

Mariam Ndagire

Mariam Ndagire

Who wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of Mariam Ndagire? Well, in fact some wouldn’t mind donning her dress and earrings too, as we found out on Saturday. Let’s bring you up to speed now:

The ‘retired’ singer somehow keeps performing and this time she was at Theatre La Bonita for a Women’s Day special concert. The place filled to capacity and most revellers had to be sent home; and this excited Ndagire who came on stage and thanked her fans for loving her that much “all these years” and she promised to reward each of them on the night in a “special way.”

Towards the show climax, Ndagire brought a basket of presents and she started handing them out to the excited crowd. But the story took a nervy turn when one of the girls plucked off Ndagire’s earrings shouting “these are mine please”. Others followed suit and the situation became uncontrollable as Ndagire lost her bangles and shoes in the crowd.

But the night’s biscuit was the bold girl who grabbed Ndagire’s dress and asked her to leave it with her,  which she did immediately leaving her with no option but to return backstage for wardrobe change.

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