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Judith Heard apologises for Zari outburst

chameleone mobile

chameleone mobile

Among the highlights of Chameleone’s Valu Valu concert was the war of words between socialites Zarie Hussein and Judith Heard. The crowd cheered and yelled disses in equal measure when Zari questioned if Judith Heard had the £2000 she had pledged to pay for the first Chameleone mobile phone in cash.

There was a back and forth exchange of words before the microphones were taken away from the two and Zari pulled out a stash of Shs50,000 notes and waved them in the air. Honestly, in our view, the two socialites, both mothers, did not act responsibly and exemplary. And Heard must have realised that. The Nalongo apologised for her act and told us that her outburst was out of anger.

“I’m a grown up, Chameleone is my friend and I apologised to him, and so I do the same to the public,” Judith said. We are yet to hear from Zari!

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