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HUSTLER: Moses Mbawulire

Miracle Unisex Salon

Miracle Unisex Salon

What’s the name of your business?
Miracle Unisex Salon.

It is unisex, so are you just a barber or you also dress women’s hair?
I deal with men and my sister Mary treats the ladies.

Is she a shareholder?
She is, we started this together back in 2010 when I had just completed my A’level. It’s now in Bweyogerere but it was in Wobulenzi then.

Are you still studying?
No, but I’m going to resume very soon, hopefully if all goes well next year.

How did a high school chap raise the money to start up a nice saloon?
It wasn’t like this back then, all I had was a machine, shoe brush, small mirror and spirit. I managed to raise the money by being patient. I kept all the money that I made from casual jobs. I also shaved students at school on weekends.

What are your future hopes?
To add a manicure and pedicure section, expand the business and move closer to town because then I can raise charges without losing customers.

How much do you earn on a daily?
On a good day about Shs35,000 and 10k or less on a terrible day.

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