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Hustler: Hassan Keita

Hassan Keita

Hassan Keita

What is your company’s name?

Harka Ltd, a legally registered company. We deal in natural foodstuff like irish potatoes.

You must be knowing a lot of law.
Yes, I am a lawyer by profession.

Why food of all things maybe sneakers?
We chose a foodstuffs company because many youth have not ventured into that area. Besides,
foodstuffs have a ready market.

How steep was the beginning?
Like any other business, beginnings were hard. We started by supplying only one sack at
Shs80,000. The market was also hard to find. Some potential customers abused us when we told
them about our company, but we didn’t give up.

Where do you get the potatoes from?
We get the irish from different places depending on the season, but so far Kabale has been our
main source.

How much do you charge?
Our charges are within the existing market prices, we charge slightly less because the market is
competitive. Besides, we transport the irish from our stores in Mengo to the customer’s place.

How much do you earn a month?
How much we get in a month is hard to state considering various issues but one thing for sure is
that the business is good and self sustaining now. We supply nearly all the restaurants in Mengo
… Hannys, Lumas, Havana, City parents school, Jeliza, Hemels along Kampala road, Martin
Road restaurant and other places like Virgin island in Bugolobi. The clientelle base is wide.

What are your future prospects?
Our future prospects are to make Harka Ltd the finest food supply company around. We are into
rearing chicken and selling them. We also deal in vegetables and maize. We also bought land
where we grow most of our maize and have also harvested irish.




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