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date with a celeb: Val Veronica meets producer Just Jose

cap: Just Jose shows Val Keko’s latest video on his phone.  PHOTO BY JONAH KABUGO

cap: Just Jose shows Val Keko’s latest video on his phone. PHOTO BY JONAH KABUGO

(Just Jose found Val waiting for him at Virgin Island, Bugolobi. They talked all afternoon and Keko later joined them)

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.  So what do you do? Are you a student?

Yeah I’m a student at Makerere.
I should ask you this before you do, are you single?

What? Do I look single to you?
Well it depends on who is asking, if it’s you, I will definitely be single. You?
Okay, I am single too, since it’s you asking.

Did you stay in a hostel while studying at campus?
I went to Makerere and Aptech. I was never in hostel although I was a big bully back then. What of you?

I don’t do hostel, so do you hangout like everywhere?
I used to hangout almost everywhere, damn … I over did it. Right now, I like Boda boda and Ibamba. I’m too wild, so to control myself, I hang in quiet less crowded joints.

Heard you left Swangz!
Yeah, we had differences. Our goals were totally different. They had visions that I didn’t see myself being a part of in the coming years. So I started my own called SupaNova Music Group with two partners. We have already signed Keko. However, there is no problem between me and Swangz.

Eeh, I also heard Keko is launching on the same day with The Battle of Champions show between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. Do you think this is wise?
Our target markets are slightly different, it will be like a battle of the young and sexy versus the drained and old. We’ve not yet decided about the venue but we are thinking about Africana or Kyadondo.

Who is featuring at her launch?
Everyone who has a collabo with her and Madtraxx, they have a song together called Make You Dance, (shows her video on his phone). We are premiering it at Amnesia this Friday, Madtraxx will be there.

What’s her album called?
Kekonian…it’s called The Kekonian like Budonian or  Ngonian. It has many songs. About eight tracks are unheard before and I’ve produced or co-produced either of them.

Do you beef any producer?
No beef, maybe by making a better track, otherwise I appreciate what they have done for the industry and everyone else. I believe getting physical is immature.

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