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Connie Tiffs

Excitement over going to the beach every Sunday

Connie's tiffs

Connie's tiffs

“The weekend is here. Ha! It is time for me to head to the beach, relax and have plenty of fun,” went two dudes amidst tight jazz as they walked ahead of me.

“Head to the beach , relax and have fun or head to Uganda’s excuse for  recreation while getting wasted in the long run?” quietly went my stubborn mind after eavesdropping on the kaboozi!

Aha… Ugandans and sugarcoating stuff!  But what am I saying? Maybe the dudes meant what they were actually saying, but the excitement on their faces while making and exchanging comments on this “beach story” reminded me of all the other faces I have come across with dropping same “beach proggie” lines.

And for some reason, it is always those “local” chaps whose oba description of fun can tantamount to anything eeish! To them, fun means determination to choke on whole fish, down liquor like there is no tomorrow before hitting the dirty water to play, drown and even suffer any other issues.

And then one wonders, is it the water that excites them to such extremes or bambi, they possess serious love for nature? Not even the fact that a number of beaches here do not even have good sand is an issue. There is that part where they expect everything to be on the house apart from the “whole fish,”  which is budgeted for from the word go. Then the rigid mentality that they only have to eat fish and not any other type of meat is just funny. Now, when it comes to the drinks, one would think that if these guys sipped anything else other than beers and tough spirits, which are usually sneaked in through every possible hiding place on their bodies, they would die!

Did I forget the kidandali music to crown it all up? This as if acts as a siren ordering them to undress, remain in anything that can pass as an excuse for swimwear after which they hop into the filthy water like man has never invented a swimming pool!

Whoosh, hilarious! In other words that half naked babe that is constantly featured on the front pages of a popular local tabloid is just the winner and without wasting much time, explains the after effects of all the excitement explained above.

Imagine this, someone plans, drives, or sits in a taxi for a long distance, takes time to pack, hide their liquor and then hell breaks lose just because they were at the beach and lost it!

Anyways, the beach, however lousy it might be, should not read “evil” the moment one heads there or even lets the thought cross their minds. It can be a decent affair. And even if the entrance in most cases can be as fair as possible, it should not call for every Tom, Dick and Harry to bounce along and destroy the picture or whatever defines nature at that place.

So, how about whoever heads to the “beach” local or hip acted and had fun in a very responsible manner, wouldn’t  visiting one on a weekly basis pass as killer plot?

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