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Ms Grace Nakimera

Ms Grace Nakimera

Dear Ms Grace Nakimera, where has this graceful good girl side of you been in the past few months? Oh, how we longed for that characteristic musical sweetness that you made your forte in past years, but which you had for some unfathomable reason, chosen to ditch when you went down that despicable graceless potholed road of Bwoba Sexy.

But we are very simple people, Ms Nakimera. We easily forgive. We quickly forget past crimes. And now that Nkwagala Kufa is stuck and ringing in our ears like an infection, we will continue our love affair where it left off, as if you never left. And that is mainly because this new song takes us back to a time when we were feeding straight from a trough of everything musically good from you like puppy dog.

There is the unquestionable quality in the taste of your voice’s quality; it is a thing of elegance in itself, what the Baganda call egono. Then there is the slow measured drowsing beat that carries the song.

This then plays around with the auditory nerves the way a guitar player does with guitar strings. And then the subject matter – the sheer strength of emotion as you deliver the ordeal of a love struck lover making their case before their suitor – all adding up to a sound track for a perfect reunion. Now that you are back, do not leave.

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