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THE MOVIE : The First Grader



Starring: Naomie Harris, Oliver Litondo, and Tony Kgoroge.

Director: Justin Chadwick

Genre: Inspirational

Running time: 105 minutes

Now showing at: Cineplex Cinema, Garden City

At 84 years Kimani Maruge Nga’ga goes back to school, because he wants to be able to read a letter he had received. The government has announced free primary school education for all.
This former Mau Mau fighter brings to screen a very touching movie, a story so well-told and a dialogue so strong that it could turn into a tearjerker for you.

Former documentary maker and director Justin Chadwick employs a flashback technique where youthful Maruge is constantly recollecting his struggle days while in school and at home where he stays alone after the colonialists killed his family.

This is in rural Kenya and former Kenyan news anchor Oliver Litondo brings the fallen pupil to life.
Maruge actually broke the world’s record for being the oldest pupil in school at 88. You will like the humour and vitality as the cast relates in good and bad scenes.



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