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Sheila Nabunya meets singer Remah


(Remah and Sheila met at Virgin Island in Bugolobi and

shared girl secrets, lies, make up and boyfriend stories)

Hi sweety.

Hi Remah. Looking nice!

Where are you coming from?
I’ve been at the studio the whole day, working on some new

tracks, good stuff!

So did you finish?
Yeah my bit is done, the producer will make a few final

touches and it will be released this month.

How many songs have you done so far this year?
About three songs; one is a dancehall single called Give Me

the Paper and the other two are ceremonial-like songs.

Do you write them yourself?
Back then I used to write for myself, however today I have

writers like Nice Henry and a new guy called Little Boss. It’s

hard for me to do it myself these days.

So do you have any lady you whose success you envy?

I would be too proud to say there is none and I believe I can

touch the sky if I work really hard… I like Angella Kalule both

personally and musically.

Do you attribute your fame now to Gagamel or the Cease and


I consider Gagamel, if it wasn’t for Gagamel. I would not have

a hit song.

If your not singing what are you doing?
Sleeping most of the day, going for comedy… Mic Check or

plays at theatres. I’m not an outgoing person unless the whole

Gagamel crew is going out, I rarely go out but I watch a lot of

movies … maama, from morning to morning.


What about you?

You sure look outgoing.

I only get a free day on Sunday, the rest of the days I work till

When do you see your boyfriend then?

I don’t have a boyfriend, do you have one?
Yeah. I’m happy and comfortable the way I am.

Banange your skin glows, what do you use?
I use Johnson baby oil and glycerine and I don’t make-up

regularly. I only do so when I’m going to perform. Don’t guys

disturb you a lot because you’re very pretty,

how old are you?

Oh,thank you, I’m 19 they sure do but I become tough.
Come and we take pictures on my phone and on your

phone…it’s been fun hanging with you.

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