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1. Have you heard the news? Barbie, wife to Bobi Wine, is

now a published author! Name of the book she has authored?

Golden Memories of a Village Belle. Wow!

2. Title of Chapter One goes: “When you ask God anything

can happen: How I grew up in a hut in Namutamba and ended

up living in a Mansion!”

3. Chapter Two goes: “The day Village Belle at 20 years old,

used a Nokia. Oh what an experience!”

4. Chapter three goes: “Ooh la la… at 22 years, I sat in a Benz

for the first time!”

5.Chapter four goes: “The day I met the village man’s version

of Lucky Dube, Bobi Wine!”

6.Chapter Five goes: “Oh Bobi do we really need to live in the

ghetto or is your definition of a ghetto being a five bedroomed

house with a fence?”

7.Chapter Six goes: “Oh Bobi What do Bada and Matyansi

Butyampa mean?”

8.Chapter Seven goes: “God grant me the mother of all

weddings and please let Bobi not put on a white suit, it’s so

Majestic Plaza…like!”

9.Chapter Eight goes: “God why didn’t you answer my prayers

… he was in a white suit … why God, Why?”

10.Final Chapter goes: “God from an author I want to became

a musician, but please don’t make me sound like Zuena!”?

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