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Connie Tiffs

Why resist change?

Back in the day, listening to the news nagged as much as

being forced to take a nap after lunch at the age of five.

However the news lately is killer!

I mean every day comes with new comedians, actors,

actresses, interesting experiences and reasons to rant, as if


But in all this, I have realised that Ugandans are a very

unpredictable people. One can never know what could excite

them or have them displeased within the blink of an eye.
For example, at one point, these Ugandans complained

about the poor sanitation within the city centre, unbearable

infrastructure, and above all the transport system that had

many gloomy until everything was tolerated for the lack of


Fast forward, a system is being implemented to address the

above issues and it’s like the responsible authorities just

prompted a swarm of bees to sting from all corners!
Kindly allow me to borrow that popular line among women-

“What do men really want?” and twist it to “what do Ugandans

really want?”

Then, when will they realise that they have achieved it hence

reason to appreciate, smile and co-operate? Is it that we have

very little faith in change that we have to look at every initiative

like thorns placed to harm us so we rant, talk, wail and accuse

the concerned parties even when it is not necessary?

Anyways, I think in most situations thinking about the end

before the means can bring a sane reaction eventually. Either

way, the latter will justify the former. With that said,

appreciating the fact that there is an initiative to bring sanity to

this city before condemning the effort would make a lot of

sense, if you asked me.

I mean, on different occasions, I would sit in a taxi and look on

in aghast for several minutes as the conductor flexed with the

tax collector amidst insults, after which the taxi would be

carelessly zoomed off. The drama alone, wastage of time

and language used to address each other was conducted

irrespective of the passengers inside albeit of different age


Then frown each time I had to think about the impromptu

arguments that could arise from the conductor because he

had hiked the price without informing me for reasons well

known to him. The winner was being dropped half way my

journey simply because they were trying to dodge the


And I would wonder at how one human being would make his

zibs my issue and treat me like I was not going to pay for

warming that seat? And where were the necessary authorities

to address such sensitive issues being encountered on a

daily basis?

I hate to cast a stone but I shall not lie that I did not laugh hard

at headlines like, “Utoda boss weeps” (mbu on behalf of the

drivers that would be left unemployed) after it lost the tender to

run the Taxi Parks to KCCA.

Such unpaid for drama!
So where were these tears when innocent people succumbed

to harsh, inconsistent conditions on a daily basis like they

were being punished for not owning cars?

For the record, I am not saying that the new policies are going

to bring heaven on earth but the mere fact that they are not

characterised by lots of words with no actions creates hope. I

see no point in resisting change but to raise my head to the

breath of fresh air instead, until proven otherwise.

Therefore nothing like the ongoing mumble jumble about

reducing taxi fares will change this mind. Like seriously for

how long are we going to compromise? If I am to relate this to

the night life for example, when posh hang out places want to

maintain paramount discipline, mature behaviour and

address their clientele’s needs, they hike all costs from

entrance on wards.

So what is wrong with setting a pace in the name of quality,

sanity and decent modes of operation?
At the end of the day, we are a city that has various people

with each one holding a different opinion, that it can take us

forever to arrive to a conclusion if we are going to address

and incorporate each one of them.

So let us bite into one piece of cake at a particular time. Give

a chance for ideas, policies to mature (especially if they

concern the majority) before ranting prematurely to

discourage the eventual fruits that might yield to a bright future.

It’s simple logic!

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