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We need access to Constitutional Square

Gen. Kale Kayihura

Gen. Kale Kayihura

Uganda like other countries in this world, has a place that can accommodate people at no cost. One of the informed groups of Ugandans,  which is found in Nsangi, The Critical Group (Bawakanyi Group) analysed the burden of denying the nationals  rights to access free space.

According to Prof. Andrew Mulindwa (Law), a Freedom Square is a place recognised by government, where the nationals can go to relax free of charge, take a breath and demonstrate if necessary, without any deterrence. In other words, it is a place where people could gather whenever they feel like, whether peacefully or not. The same place could be used by the so called politicians for assemblies.

According to Dr. Ronald Lwassa of the same group, a Freedom Square as a place where people could gather and have something to share without government authorities. Dr Lwassa explained that a government must avail such places in order to enable its people access right to freedom.  He said that if the nationals are denied access to such places, it constitutes abuse of human rights.

But according to a masters degree holder in Law, Gen. Kale Kayihura,  a Freedom Square is a place where he should take his men to deny the nationals their rights to freedom. He translated it as a place where his men should go and stop people from gathering to express their rights.
This was proved towards the end of 2010 when Uganda Police decided to take over the Constitutional Square and chased the users away from the place. Since then, people who are supposed to enjoy the benefits of this place have been denied access. This place has now turned into a police camp. Whenever I pass to this place, I really find it wrong for armed forces to stop people from entering the square.

Andrew Mulindwa
Nsangi, Kampala

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