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Hustler: Nathan Mukiibi

Nathan Mukiibi

Nathan Mukiibi

Tell me about yourself
I’m 28. My mother divorced when I was in P.5 and I took on many responsibilities. I learned to make decisions like which type of dish we would have for lunch or dinner. All these childhood experiences I have carried to my adult life. I work up to 2am and I am awake at 6am everyday. I also have learnt to live with pain and also to mould disappointments into success.

What is your company name?
NHILL Films. It stands for Nathan and Hilary films. My partner is Hillary Muheebwa.

What challenges come with your job?
Uganda is a very slow country. Internet is so slow, electricity is very unreliable, transport … and this is quite very challenging as we have to beat deadlines especially with our international clients who think the world is moving at their speed.

How big is your team?
I work with seven people. One cameraman, two graphics editors, two narrators, one sound editor, and one script writer.

What is your philosophy?
There is no shortcut to success. The most magnificent and expensive pieces of gold are shaped with intense fires and so is success.

Who are some of your clients?
We have worked for ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter, Ebru TV (a US-based channel), ChildFund International, Tearfund UK & Tearfund Netherlands, Technologies for Tomorrow, Save The Children Uganda, World Vision, and others.

What has been your biggest pay?
Shs25m. It was an international contract to film in a neighbouring country.

Eng. Moses Musaazi of Makerere University. In my second year at university, all my hope was lost due to lack of funds, I ran to him… he offered to pay my tuition while I helped supervise his construction work.

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