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Date with a celeb: Emmanuella Kibenge meets Hannington Bugingo

Michael Ross shows Faridah some moves. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

Michael Ross shows Faridah some moves. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

(Fun Factory’s Bugingo and Emmanuella met at Virgin Island in Bugolobi and shared some fun time.)

How has your day been?
Not hectic, however, I had a couple of meetings because we have a big show coming up.

How did your parents react to your career choice?
My parents, just like yours wanted me to be a lawyer, doctor or pilot. I don’t see myself wearing a tie. I have a few suits that I wear to parties but I still feel quite uncomfortable, so my career is what suits me.

And how have you benefitted from the career so far?
A lot. First, exposure, and that’s why you are meeting me. I also work with Metropolitan Republic, an advertising agency. We do MTN adverts. They use me because I’m a comedian and I can give a creative twist to things and situations.

Where do you get ideas for the shows?
It’s a combination of very many things, family, hangouts like right now I may get something to incorporate in my act, places where I work … generally everywhere I go.

You look younger and taller on stage than you actually are.
I’m not simple, I’m 30 and married. It’s not good to be predictable.

I heard you guys are leaving Africana!
While at Africana our crowd wasn’t too happy, so we are moving to the Plaza building. We start on the 26th this month. And after the show, fans can hang out with us at Club Amnesia that is on the same building.
What should we expect this year? ‘Kozi’ you’re a director of Fun Factory?
Yeah, I’m a director, but at Fun Factory, it’s a team thing. This year, expect “ebyakabi” (good things), you know I can’t start describing comedy.

Who’s the funniest in the group?
Dickson Zizinga, he’s too spontaneous. He can make you burst out even on stage. But they are all good at something different. Out family is huge; Richard, Anne, Tindi, Kudzu, Cathy, Nina, Kakayi, Bugingo, Dickson and Kalevu, very talented comedians.

What else do you do?
Advertising at Metropolitan Republic, some personal businesses and playing around with my kids.

Where do you see the group in five years?
I want to see everyone financially stable and comfortable. The brand name has already been established. I also plan to diversify our products and include stuff like movies, series and anything else that will pop up.

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