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The darkest hour

The darkest hour

The darkest hour

Starring:  Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Rachael Taylor, Max Minghella and Joel Kinnaman
Director: Chris Gorak
Genre:Horror, sci-fi thriller
Running time:  89 minutes
Now showing at: Cineplex Cinema

You will get thrilled with graphical images in this sci-fi thriller. It starts in America and heads to Russia where two innocent Americans are excited to sell their idea, of a social network. But blame hackers on getting to Russia faster, they find their software already on the market by some Russians and a Swedish businessman.

But more bizarre sights await them and from the most unexpected of places, the skies from where an aurora-like apparition falls. It is like light and lands on earth but this light particle is so strong that any human being that tries to get close to it disintegrates. Worse is to happen when more light falls and aliens protected by force fields start attacking.

The two Americans, the Swedish businessman and two women hide for several days. When they leave their hideout, they notice a dog barking at something they cannot see and so learn that the aliens are invisible.

They then notice that electrical devices activate when an invisible alien is near and they soon learn to use light bulbs as detectors since the bulb will glow when aliens approach. This is the stuff for horror movie lovers. Watch on.

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