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Date with a celeb : Dodovick Sserwanga meets Hassan Wasswa

Turkish based footballer Hassan Wasswa and Dodovick. PHOTO BY JONATHAN KABUGO

Turkish based footballer Hassan Wasswa and Dodovick. PHOTO BY JONATHAN KABUGO

(Cranes star Wasswa linked up with Dodovick for a night of fun and they talked soccer and girls)

What up man? I’m Dodovick Sserwanga.
How do you do Sserwanga?

I’m okay, what makes you a successful footballer?
My family encouraged me so much and they still do, especially my dad. My family inspires, motivates me and makes me work even harder. I listen to advice from my father, coach and family. Most footballers, once they start earning a lot of money, they opt for luxuries rather than building their careers.

What school did you attend for secondary?
I went to Buddo SS for O’ Level and Standard High, Zzana for A’ Level. I was studying on a bursary until I finished university at Mubs where I did a degree in Business Adminstration. I joined KCC during my second year.

What teams did you join thereafter?
After KCC, I went to Ethiopia for one season, played for Western Province in South Africa before FC Cape Town signed me a season later. After one season, I met a Turkish agent who sold me the idea of moving to Turkey. Then I joined the team called Kayseri Erciyesspor.

How were the new teammates like?
Warm. Except for the language barrier everything else was okay. The teammates have no problem because when you come in as a professional, they expect you to speak one language … football, however sometimes I get home-sick and miss my family.

Do you get chicks wearing your jersey on the Turkish streets shouting your name?
Yeah a lot … we have them during training, shouting and screaming out loud but I have a wife in Uganda who comes occasionally to Turkey and we come back together at the end of the season, so I am taken up by these chicks.

What do you think about Uganda’s performance in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers?
I know we disappointed Ugandans because everyone expected us to qualify,  but we tried our best. Luck was just not on our side, and besides Kenya also hardened that day of the decisive match. Once the chance comes we shall qualify … you saw the team. We tried.

What English team do you support and which players do you adore?
I support Manchester United and I like Michael Essien and Paul Scholes, for their flair.

Wasswa means you are a twin. So your twin brother, does he play football too?
No, my brother is a chef at La Bonita … he used to play football but later chose a different path to embark upon, one that stirs his interests.

Who inspired you?
Professionally it was Jackson Mayanja. He took us through drills that swept off laziness. He’s a great guy.

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