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Yiya Moze and Ziza Bafana

Yiya Moze and Ziza Bafana

Sexual innuendos are often misused by musicians. Regardless of the fact that sex, and indeed sex-talk, is exciting, there’s absolutely no need to sexually draw us into a song that has absolutely nothing to do with sex, like Yiya Moze and Ziza Bafana do right at the start of their hit single Tebakulimba.

That is the weak link in an otherwise very palatable musical expression by the duo on a song that has comfortably found its way on DJs’ favourite playlists on many dance floors. But the duo goes ahead and more than makes up for their earlier slip with a song that has just as much quality in its melodic appeal as it is able to thrust you up and make you dance.

There is a similarity between what these lads are doing and what Weasel and Radio do, with Yiya Moze picking up the vocal chores, just like Mowzey Radio does, as Ziza Bafana taking up the rap lines and animations, just like Weasel does. And in the end, the same format does wonders for Yiya Moze and his mate.

The song is a romantic expression, trying to reassure a girl how a boy has changed his ways, how he is unlike other boys, and how he is best placed to take her. All this is delivered in such sweetness you wonder what on earth the duo was thinking using a bit of verbal froth to lure you in.

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